Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Free Bullet Proof Vests

A major component of our mission to honor fallen officers is to do so by preventing law enforcement deaths and injuries.

In that spirit, we have partnered with two nationally known organizations that provide free bullet proof vests to officers whose departments don't issue them and can't otherwise afford them. It is estimated that, nationwide, as many as 236,000 law enforcement officers are not issued vests by their employing agencies.*

Ten-Four Ministries' Armor of God Project provides lightly used vests to officers both nationwide and internationally. Over 2,000 vests have already been donated to officers and there have been two documented cases of these vests saving their recipients lives. Agencies with with a surplus of used vests can donate them to Armor of God for distribution to officers in need.

Fallen Officers Remembered provides new vests to officers and canines throughout the United States. Created after the murder of their brother, Police Officer Rodney Pocceschi, Jaclyn and Gina Pocceschi co-founded Fallen Officers Remembered to provide new vests to individual officers who cannot afford to purchase their own.

Learn more about both of these organizations, and access their application forms for free bullet proof vests from the ODMP.

* The Life-Saving Effectiveness of Body Armor for Police Officers. RAND Corporation. October 2010.