Thursday, November 10, 2011

Please Help Honor Veterans Killed as LEOs

Veteran's Day will be here tomorrow, November 11th, and ODMP's Board of Directors and staff would once again like to take this opportunity to thank all veterans for their honored service to America.

Look for the "Military veteran" designator in the
biographical area of a memorial.
You may have recently noticed that some officer memorials on ODMP have a "Military veteran" designator in the fallen officer's bio section. We recently began to track and display the status of military veterans, as we believe it is a major part of an officer's identity as a proud veteran.

We need your help in updating our records. We ask that you visit the memorial of your fallen hero(es). If the "Military veteran" designator does not appear on the memorial, please let us know about their service history by clicking the "Update This Memorial" link on their memorial.

As we shared with you last year, veterans of every single war and major conflict the United States was involved in went on to serve - and die - as law enforcement officers. The officers listed here represent all of the fallen heroes from each of these wars/conflicts. We invite you to visit their memorials and honor their service to their countrymen:

Sheriff Robert Maxwell
Greenville County Sheriff's Office, SC
Revolutionary War

Captain John Bird
Texas Rangers
War of 1812

Police Officer Alexander Algeo
New Orleans Police Department
Mexican-American War

Captain John McKinstry
Mattoon Police Department, IL
Civil War, USA, P.O.W.

Guard Supra C. Woodroof
Virginia Department of Corrections
Civil War, CSA

Captain James Meehan
Franklin Police Department, PA
Spanish-American War

City Marshal Albert Suverkrubbe
Fort Calhoun Police Department, NE

Police Officer Wallace Chapman
Philadelphia Police Department

Investigative Aide John McAuliffe
United States Postal Inspection Service
Korean War

Police Officer Joseph Zanella
Verona Police Department, PA
Vietnam War

Police Officer Nick-Tomasito Birco
San Francisco Police Department, CA
Gulf War

Trooper David J. Lane
New York State Police
War on Terror, Iraq & Afghanistan