Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fugitive Safe Surrender Aims to Keep Officers Safe

Courtesy: USMS
The Fugitive Safe Surrender program was created in Ohio by United States Marshal Pete Elliott in 2005 to bring community leaders, religious leaders, and the media together to encourage fugitives to turn themselves in a safe, non-violent environment. On August 30, 2006, Cleveland, Ohio, Police Officer A.J. Schroeder was fatally shot while attempting to serve a warrant on a fugitive wanted for rape and burglary. Officer Schroeder's murder brought the Fugitive Safe Surrender program into the spotlight as a way to use the community to encourage violent offenders to turn themselves in before a violent confrontation with police occurs.

The New Jersey State Parole Board, one of Fugitive Safe Surrender's participating agencies, asked the ODMP to help identify officers killed by fugitives as part of their media outreach campaign. The ODMP supports any effort that reduces or eliminates the risk of a line of duty injury or death.

Officers killed by fugitives or wanted persons since 2005:

2005-01-18Police Officer James Prince
2005-03-11Assistant SAC David Wilhelm
2005-03-11Sergeant Hoyt Teasley
2005-03-19Police Officer II William Henley
2005-04-21Police Officer Larry Cox
2005-08-11Police Officer Francis Ortega
2005-08-13Police Officer Timothy Webster
2005-09-12Corporal Mark Carthron
2006-02-22Detective Jared Jensen
2006-03-22Deputy Sheriff James McGrane
2006-06-29Detective Dennis Stepnowski
2006-08-13Police Officer Joselito Barber
2006-08-31Police Officer Jonathan Schroeder
2006-09-20Agent Michael Thomas
2007-04-05Special Agent Barry Bush
2007-05-26Officer Jason West
2007-08-10Detective Charles Wilson
2007-08-10Detective John Smith
2008-04-01Constable Joe Howard
2008-09-23Sergeant Patrick McDonald
2009-07-16Sergeant Joseph Harris
2009-07-21Detective Marc DiNardo
2009-10-12Sergeant Mickey Hutchens
2010-01-05Deputy Sheriff Josie Fox
2010-01-14Captain Chad Reed
2010-05-08Deputy Sheriff Brian Mahaffey
2010-06-29Officer David Curtis
2010-06-29Officer Jeffrey Kocab
2010-07-21Sheriff Garry Welford