Monday, September 20, 2010

Improving Police Car Markings for Officer Safety

The Officer Down Memorial Page was referenced in two news stories today.

The first is coverage of an important initiative, funded by a DOJ Bureau of Justice Assistance grant, that will research emergency vehicle designs with a goal of reducing police officer and firefighter casualties as the result of auto accidents and road-side collisions. The Columbus Dispatch quotes the lead researcher as stating "[o]ur goal is improving the color, signage and marking of those vehicles."

The second mention was the retelling the story of the daring 1954 bank robbery that claimed the life of Seattle, Wa., Police Officer Frank Hardy. It's always great to see the media taking the initiative to remember not only today's fallen heroes, but remembering those that gave their lives in years gone by.
Officer Frank Hardy
Seattle Police Department
EOW: March 12, 1954