Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Officers Killed While Deploying Spike Strips

Deploying spike strips / stop sticks, or other tire deflation devices, is a real danger for law enforcement officers. Offenders who are fleeing from pursuing officers have no concern for other motorists, let alone the officers chasing them or attempting to stop them. There have been many documented cases of offenders intentionally striking officers on the side of the road who were attempting to deploy spike strips. Additionally, several officers have been fatally struck by police vehicles during the chaotic moments of deploying and retracting the devices.

Here is a list of known fatalities that occurred during the deployment of spike strips:

  1. Deputy Sheriff John Creegan
  2. Detective Glenn Strange
  3. Sergeant Richard Asten
  4. Sergeant George Dingwall
  5. Patrolman Lloyd Aragon
  6. Deputy Sheriff Dennis McElderry
  7. Sergeant Michael Johnson
  8. Deputy Sheriff Charles Sease
  9. Deputy Sheriff John Musice
  10. Sergeant Jerry Mundy
  11. Police Officer Shawn Silvera
  12. Corporal Mark Carthron
  13. Officer James Sell
  14. Police Officer Nick-Tomasito Birco
  15. Officer Douglas Russell
  16. Deputy Sheriff Donta Manuel
  17. Deputy Sheriff Jonathan Wallace
  18. Senior Border Patrol Agent Luis Aguilar
  19. Lieutenant Stuart Alexander
  20. Officer Christopher Marano
  21. Sheriff Garry Welford